Welcome to the User & Owner Help Section for this easy to use Photo Album!

Clicking on the following symbol will always return you to the beginning of the album:
This symbol, only within secondary topics, will return you to the beginning of that topic:
If you happen to see this symbol, it'll return you to the previously viewed page:
The following symbol will enable you to go to the next page in a secondary topic:
Only available on very few pages (such as this one) that symbol closes the page:
If you don't need any more help, you can close this page by clicking the symbol in the box, right above the previous line. To better understand how this photo album works you need to be familiar with the different sections that make up this album. It's really very simple since there are only 4 portions, two of which are pretty much duplicates of each other. The homepage of the album contains the index or glossary with topic titles to various photo pages. Each of these pages may have anywhere from 10 to 20 photos on them. However, sometimes an album owner may have more than 10 to 20 photos for one particular topic.

For example, if an album owner wants to display 75 photos which show the construction of a home ... it would be prudent to display those photos within their own index or glossary page. In other words, corresponding titled photo pages within an existing topic. Such a secondary index page for an existing topic would contain anywhere from 2 to 10 pages, each containing anywhere from 10 to 20 photos for that particular topic only. For greater convenience each of those pages will enable the person viewing that page to jump directly to the next page in that topic, or to return to the index page of that particular topic instead. From there, the person viewing the album can always return instantly to the beginning of the photo album.

If you're an album owner who wishes to edit the pages within an album by adding or deleting photos, changing descriptions, background wallpapers (six available choices), and so on ... you'll find detailed directions for working with individual pages directly within the files that you need to edit. Just about any generic text editor will work for this and the instructions are fairly simple. Even individuals with no coding skills should be able to understand how to set up their own album pages as long as they're able to open the files in a text editor.
An internet connection is not required for this!

The most important requirement is that you have your own photos ready to go already, with a size of no more than 900 pixels wide. Digital cameras are generally set up to take substantially larger photos than that, so you'd need some helpful image software to help you resize the original images to a friendlier album size. Windows already has a program for that, entitled Windows Paint. It's a great, simple to use application, for cropping & resizing (amongst other things) your photos. Linux users have a whole array of programs to choose from, the GIMP being just one of them (our preferred choice). Finished photo albums should fit on just about any USB stick or computer CD, to be viewed on just about any computer with an Internet Browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.) Yes, this photo album is 100% Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible.
Viewing contents in this album does not require an internet connection!

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